BATMAN. LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT #137#138#139#140#141 - DC COMICS (2001)



"TERROR": A man in a Batman costume enters a creepy-looking house which sits secluded on a small hill. He moves into the bedroom upstairs where he kills an old man using a dagger with a bat-shaped hilt. The murderer is Hugo Strange and his revenge on Batman has begun. At night, Batman is busting some drug dealers and he takes them down using his Batboat. Though he is successful, he warns himself not to go overboard with all his new gadgets. When he sees the Bat-Signal, Batman meets with Captain Gordon who shows him the murdered old man. The dagger and a bat painted on the wall with blood is making it a little too obvious that someone is trying to frame Batman. Both men argue that Hugo Strange may not be dead after all. Indeed, Gordon later finds out that the victim named Sebastian Cole unterwent three years of psychiatric therapy with Hugo Strange as his doctor. While Batman also goes after Catwoman who draws more and more attention because of her increasing number of burglaries, a disguised Hugo Strange begins his new job as psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum. His first patient is Scarecrow and using hypnosis Strange tries to eliminate the fear Jonathan Crane has regarding Batman ...