BATMAN. LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT #127#128#129#130#131 - DC COMICS (2000)


"THE ARROW AND THE BAT": Two weeks ago, Green Arrow caught a thief and gave the stolen purse back to an old lady who was not thankful though. Shortly after that Ollie was nearly killed in a drive-by-shooting. Back home his lawyer was waiting for him because he wanted to talk about a company Ollie recently sold. But Ollie is not interested because he just felt disappointed at that moment. In the present, Oliver Queen is camping in the mountains when one evening he gets shot at. Ollie is able to knock down his attacker and drags him to the Sheriff's office in the nearest town. When Ollie returns to the motel room he rented earlier, a man runs out of it and shoves Ollie aside. Ollie follows the man and knocks him down before the man able to use his gun. Sifting through the clothes of the man, the Sheriff finds a business card of none other than Bruce Wayne. Immediately, Ollie takes off to Gotham to meet with Bruce Wayne whom he met only once before. Wayne remembers hiring a private investigator because of some questionable deals in which one of his and one of Oliver Queen's companies have been involved. Ollie knows nothing about that and leaves angrily. Later that night, he is visited by Batman ...