There is a killing in Gotham City Chinatown and detectives Allen and Montoya are already on the case. At that moment, a man named Yuk Keung, who is somehow related to the crime, gets away from his own home and goes to the Gotham Morgue looking for something only known to him, but unfortunately he is discovered and he has to hide among the hundreds of dead bodies of the morgue. The men who caused this to happen is the head doctor, who is introducing the new mortician to his new working place. Moments later, officer Bonny, from forensics, tells Renee Montoya that the finger prints in the murder weapon belongs to a man who has been dead for almost a month. Batman goes to Chinatown and gets all the information he needs from the street gangs and before they can react against him, he leaves to investigate the body of the dead man at the Morgue. At that moment, Robin is searching the security camera recordings for any clues regarding the murder of Vesper Fairchild and after long hours of nothing, he finds a something a bit odd. He calls Nightwing and tells him that he notices that at a certain hour, one camera shows some wind on the outside but another camera shows no wind and the shadow of a boot. They know that the security recordings have been altered. Meanwhile, Batman looks for the body of the man killed in Chinatown but is unable to find one single body. However, Batman finds the finger prints of some person and he takes them for further investigation. It takes some time before the doctors realize that all their bodies are missing and that the new mortician, called Porter Vito has also disappeared. Batman searches the place and finds the location of Vito's residence and decides to look clues there. The man named Keung wakes up in a different place from the morgue, but all the dead bodies are still near him. He walks to the only lit room in that place and finds the mortician doing some experiments on the bodies of the dead. At that moment, Batman analyzes the finger prints and finds out that they belong to Keung and he rushes to the place of Vito. Batman arrives at the place, which looks like a haunted house with a backyard graveyard and as soon as he gets near enough he hears screaming coming from inside. Keung tries to run away from Vito when the mortician orders his parents to stop the man and a couple of semi decomposed bodies start tracking him down. The more Keung ran, the more "zombies" he found and in the end, he is cornered in the basement with many "zombies" surrounding him. Batman tells the to stop, but the zombies doesn't follow orders and Keung starts shooting them, before Batman is able to stop them.