BATMAN. GOTHAM KNIGHTS #14#15#16#17 - DC COMICS (2001)



Nightwing is on the trail of Double Dare, the criminal acrobat sister duo. This time Aliki and Margot have swiped $2million from a Wayne charity. The duo does not mind dealing with Nightwing though because both sisters think he is more than handsome. But Nightwing does not know that Double Dare also have stolen some jewels which belong to the Penguin and now he and the sisters run right into Penguin's thugs who do not fool around using machine pistols. As always, Batman has been one step ahead as he has sent Azrael to support Nightwing. Dick suggests to the women that they should just give Penguin his jewels, but they rather discuss something in french language and ignore him. Thus, Dick swings down and helps Azrael who already is in the midst of a fight with Penguin's crew. When the men flee, both Nightwing and Azrael tag one of them with tracers. Then Azrael surprises Dick twice - first by openly stating that he thinks that Dick does not like him and second by being able to talk french with Double Dare. Continuously ignored by the three, Dick reveals that he speaks french too and orders the sisters to bring the jewels back to the Penguin. Nightwing and Azrael chase the sisters to the Penguin's place, where they try to apologize to him. But the crime boss does not accept it and instead order his men to kill Double Dare. But with the help of Nightwing and Azrael, the sisters are able to escape - but not before they have handed over the stolen charity money back to Dick. As the heroes leave, Azrael reveals that he envies Nightwing, for his confidence, especially with women and when being around Batman. This brings the two closer as Nightwing reveals that these are the things he feels least confident about. Only Batman himself does not lose his confidence it seems ...