The Joker has broken into a research laboratory in order to activate a powerful electromagnetic pulse generator which will disable all the lights and electronics in Gotham. Joker plans to start looting and rioting all across the city. However, when he goes to press the button on the machine, he is surprised that Batman has not come to stop him. Elsewhere, Batman finishes fighting a pair of criminals when the lights go dark and the Batmobile is unable to start. On the streets, Joker starts attacking citizens with a huge mackerel to illustrate a point about chaos theory. Later in a hospital, the victims have been subjected to Joker Venom, and Commissioner Gordon tells Batman that Joker called the police to tell them where to find the scientists he held hostage so they could go on the talk shows and keep his reputation alive.Meanwhile, the people of Gotham are still unaware of the cause of the blackout, and looting and rioting have begun. Joker tries to take credit for the scheme, but nobody believes him and he starts a brawl willingly. Batman and Robin fly the Batwing, which was unaffected by the electromagnetic pulse because it was in the Batcave, and use it to catch people's attention by lighting a makeshift Bat-Signal in the sky. Batman orders them to return to their homes, giving hope to the troubled population. In another part of the city, Nightwing stops some looters with the help of the public. A large crowd angrily chases after Joker, who suddenly realizes that since there is no news, no one knows that he started all this. Joker pulls out a gun, but Batman snatches him from the Batwing. Two days later in Arkham Asylum, Joker eagerly awaits the newspaper to read his reviews, but is displeased when his name isn't even mentioned.