Bane robs a bank as Batman, Robin, and Commissioner Gordon watch the news. They notice that he has targeted the area with the most money, which is also the most guarded. At a party, Bruce and Tim are speculating about Bane's motives when they hear Bane robbing the bank next door. They confront him, but Bane quickly runs away. Later, Batgirl joins them as they head to Bane's hideout, in one of the poorest sections of Gotham. Unusually, this neighborhood has had the least sightings of Bane, and money from the robberies was being spent here. The three spots a group of children in the building, whom they assume Bane is holding hostage. Batman tackles Bane while Robin and Batgirl try to rescue the kids. However, Bane surrenders, and the people of the neighborhood defend him, saying all he did was give homeless kids a real home. In the Batcave, the Bat Family discusses the reasoning behind Bane's actions, wondering if all he wanted was a family of his own.