BATMAN. DETECTIVE COMICS #787#788#789#790 - DC COMICS (2004)


When Doctor Kirk Langstrom, the scientist sometimes known as "Man-Bat," is kidnapped, and a mysterious clue is left behind at his house, The Batman already knows he will not have an easy night ahead of him. The clue is a cryptic Lewis Carroll quote, and Batman visits Arkham Asylum to locate Jervis Tetch, "The Mad Hatter," who has apparently escaped, and kidnapped his most recent social worker as well, "Jeffrey Yorkes." When Batman does find him, the Hatter has already injected his social worker with a cocktail version of one of Langstrom's serums. Instead of only Man-Bat DNA, it also contains the DNA of both Killer Croc, and Solomon Grundy; transforming Yorkes into a terrible dragon-like hybrid, perfectly fitting the bill to play Lewis Carroll's "The Jabberwock," and wreak havoc upon Gotham City for the Hatter's amusement. After rescuing Langstrom and returning to the cave for the Man-Bat antidote, Batman is able to revert Yorkes to his original form and save him before he plummets to his death. As the Hatter is being dragged away, Yorkes insists that he not be dealt with harshly this time, no matter how bad his actions seemed; he believes that the Hatter had actually been trying to help him. Prior to his experience, he had been unable to even comprehend Tetch, let alone understand how he got that way, despite his best efforts. After spending a night as an uncontrollable fictional beast, he had gained insight into how the Hatter's mind worked, and was now better suited to help him become a normal person again.