BATMAN. DETECTIVE COMICS #783#784#785#786 - DC COMICS (2003)


Batman investigates a case where several bodies, striped of their identifying features, have been dumped, and their facial reconstructions have no matches among the missing persons. He realizes the latest victim worked for Wayne Enterprises and was fired by an outside efficiency expert. Like the previous victims, Katie Warren had no family or friends to report her missing. Alan Tuck, the efficiency expert in question, targets "flawed" people whom he believes society would flow more smoothly without, including his elderly and abusive mother. Alerted to Batman's pursuit by a police scanner, he brings his latest victim onto her building's roof and throws her off. Batman catches her. Tuck drives off, losing his police pursuit but not Batman, who evades his booby traps. He decides he has become inefficient and deliberately crashes his car. Batman rescues him.