Sasha Bordeaux is unimpressed by the way that Bruce Wayne's relationship with Vesper Fairchild is progressing. The two of them appear to be getting serious, but Bruce does not seem happy, and Sasha cannot see how the relationship could help his role as Batman, which she knows he takes so seriously that he tends to guard his heart zealously. Meanwhile, Maggie Sawyer, formerly Captain of the Metropolis Special Crimes Unit, has moved to Gotham City, taking a demotion to Lieutenant to head up the first shift of the Major Crimes Unit. She tells her new command that this is because she wants to get back to real policing and because she has been told they are the best detectives around - she wants them to prove it to her. Vesper Fairchild continues her work trying to get a photo of Batman, following up a lead from a vagrant named Alan. However, Batman finds her and tells her to leave. The next day, when she visits Bruce Wayne, she finds him lounging in his pool with three beautiful young ladies - shocked, she leaves. Later, at the Police Headquarters, Maggie talks to her girlfriend Toby on the phone, telling her how much she misses her.