BATMAN. DETECTIVE COMICS #754#755#756#757 - DC COMICS (2001)


Detectives Montoya and Allen have Jordan Rich, the man they are certain is responsible for Commissioner Gordon's shooting, in the interview room and are determined to extract a confession. However, he knows very well that the physical evidence will never be enough to convict him and he smugly avoids all possible traps they lay for him, even when they threaten to bring Batman in. At St Luke's Hospital, James Gordon has recently woken up and can confirm Rich's identity to Lt. Bullock, but did not see the man who shot him. Eventually, the police have to let Rich go. Batman confronts him on the streets of Gotham, but is told that he's powerless - if he doesn't have it in him to kill Rich, he'll never have justice. Montoya watches the confrontation from the shadows.