BATMAN #596#597#598 - DC COMICS (2002)


A few Jokerised former inmates of Arkham roam the streets of Gotham City, but Batman has other things to worry about, mainly the killings of many of the Odessa Mob, the Russian mobsters behind Deadshot's attack on Lew Moxon. The next target is to be one Gregor Popavich who is running the Odessa Mob while Kosov, their leader, is in jail. Batman is ready and waiting for Zeiss' attack on Popavich, but not for the reckless endangering of Popavich's daughter's life. Things are further complicated by the arrival on the scene of one of the Jokerised Arkham inmates - one Santa Klaus. An exchange of gunfire ensues, wounding Klaus, before Zeiss makes good his escape by setting off an explosion which kills his sniper associate. Batman doses Klaus with the antidote to the Joker's toxin before the emergency services take him away, transporting him not to Arkham but to a regular hospital.