BATMAN #593#594#595 - DC COMICS (2001)


Two government agents complete their checks on the scene of another crashed alien vessel and come across a hurt alien creature. Batman, meanwhile, is trying to trace Zeiss: he figures that Zeiss is going to want to see a master jeweller to get his eye-pieces fixed and Martin Croft, formerly in the employ of the mob, is his top suspect. True to form, he finds Croft at his shop late at night, and intercepts a call received from the Penguin, who is sheltering Zeiss. The next day, Bruce Wayne visits Lew Moxon in hopsital - the man is paralyzed, and although he has been speaking to his daughter Mallory, he will not acknowledge Wayne's presence. Here, he sees the government agents brought into the hospital - both are in a strange sort of coma and have weird markings on their faces. Investigating the scene as Batman, he realizes that this was probably caused by an extraterrestrial refugee. Asking Commissioner Akins if he knows anything of the events, he also asks him to put the G.C.P.D. onto it. One of these things is to catch up with the Penguin, who has now sent Zeiss packing and therefore has no idea where he is. He can, however, offer a clue about the death of Jeremy Samuels some time ago - it was an action against Bruce Wayne, about which Angelo Beretti may be able to shed further light. Elsewhere in the city, the injured alien is found and offer sanctuary by a priest, Father Nick.