BATMAN #583 - DC COMICS (2000)


Aware that he has been watched by fighting a bunch of robbers, Batman asks Oracle to find a man who is wearing goggles. Back in the Batcave, Bruce thinks about a conversation he had with Jeremy Samuels ten years ago. Jeremy told him he would go insane without his family and obviously he was right about that. Last night, Samuels talked about "faith" which gives Batman the idea to search for him in a certain cathedral. Oracle tells him that an expensive piece of art is currently transported to the Gotham Cathedral and now Batman knows that Samuels will try to steal it. Batman arrives just in time to fight the robbers who are wearing Batman masks. But suddenly he is attacked from behind by the man with the goggles. The man matches all of the Dark Knight's moves and Batman asks himself if his opponent somehow is able to memorize his fighting techniques. Things get chaotic when the GCPD interferes as well and Batman is unable to prevent Jeremy Samuels getting shot by a policeman. While the man with the goggles is fleeing, Batman holds the dying body of his friend whose last words are that he knows Batman and Bruce Wayne are one and the same person. After talking to Commissioner Gordon, Batman calls Robin and both of them pay a visit to the Penguin. Batman roughs him up a little but Penguin has no information about the mysterious goggle man for him ...