BATMAN #579#580#581#582#583 - DC COMICS (2000)



Bruce Wayne is attending a charity event which is held by female billionaire Camille Bader-Smythe on her cruise ship laying at Gotham Harbor. Ms. Bader-Smythe is not known for being compassionate or willing to give something without gaining a profit out of it. The event is interrupted by Orca who actually is a woman in a costume based on her namesake. Bruce only wants to make sure nobody gets hurt and, thus, is not able to stop Orca to steal a necklace from Ms. Bader-Smythe which contains the famous diamond named Flame of Persia. Later, Bruce returns to the crime scene as Batman. This is quickly exploited by newspapers making it look like Batman is working for the high-society of Gotham City. Therefore, Batman has problems gathering witness information from homeless people living in the harbor area. Analyzing Orca's potential motives, Batman visits Dr. Grace Balin at the Gotham Aquarium. Dr. Balin is in need of money because she recently lost her research funds. Batman thinks she might be a suspect but then he realizes that Dr. Balin is sitting in a wheelchair. Batman once again runs into Orca on a ship where stolen jewelry is being fenced. It is obvious that Orca seems to have good intentions as she says she took the gem from a woman who is little more than a high-society-sanctioned slumlord. But two people are getting killed so Batman has no alternative but to stop Orca. Nonetheless, she gets away again, but the man who wanted to sell the diamond for her mentioned Dr. Balin with his last words ...