BATMAN #575#576#577 - DC COMICS (2000)


A flag-wearing terrorist called Banner is taking aim at Gotham's newly restored status, putting the city under siege in his extreme fight against the Federal Government. Banner threatens to destroy the newly constructed Truman Building and Batman is in talks with the FBI regarding the evacuation of the building. But the female Agent Leary thinks the building is equipped to handle any attacks. But nothing is really safe as Banner hijacks a rapid transit train which also stops below the Truman building. Agent Leary and a SWAT team are on the case immediately because according to the train conductor the man loaded oil drums onto the train. Agent Leary reaches the train in time, but it was only a diversion. The real attack happens from a construction site right besides the Truman building. Banner is using a building crane to transport the filled oil drums near the Truman building, but Batman is there to oppose him. Agent Leary joins the fight a little later and together Batman and her are able to make the oil drums explode right in front of Banner. However, Batman finds no signs of a dead body, so he thinks the villain will return sooner or later...