"JURISPRUDENCE": Renee Montoya and her brother are being held prisoners at the Court House. The Tally Man opens Renee's cell and tells her that the boss wants to see her. Her brother tries to fight Tally Man, but he is unable to do anything useful. Tally Man takes Renee to the main chamber where Two-Face is waiting for her with a banquet prepared by Renee's mother. Renee is suspicious of Two-Face's plan but she has no option but to play his game. Two-Face tells her to eat something and that he needs her to do something for him. Renee isn't sure of Two-Face's meaning and then the gangster gives her a uniform that he wants her to wear when he returns to the Court House. Two-Face moves with his gang to Blue Boys territory and he sneaks inside of James Gordon's house while his people wait outside. Two-Face takes down the officer guarding the Gordon's home and then he gives the order for his troops to attack every officer near the house. James and Sarah Essen wake up after hearing the gunshots but before they can move, Two-Face smashes their bedroom door, knocks down Sarah and apprehends James after reading him his rights. With his prisoner, Two-Face escapes from the scene and tells his henchmen to stay behind and delay the incoming police officers. Tally Man isn't sure if they can make what Two-Face asks but they have no choice. Meanwhile at Gotham Pier 24, Penguin is finishing a deal with a mysterious woman. When the woman leaves, Batman and Robin break into the place and demand answers from Penguin. Cobblepot tells them that he doesn't know the woman's name or who she is working for, but that she has been placing many building supplies inside Gotham City with his help. Batman is curious about the situation, but at that moment Oracle contacts him and tells him about the recent attack on James Gordon's place. Batman and Robin leave at once and Penguin knows that he has been upstaged. At the Gotham Court, Renee is putting the uniform on and she realizes that it is the uniform used by the bailiff at a trial. Montoya's mother and father are arguing about Two-Face's real intentions and the protection he has provided them over the course of No Man's Land. At that moment, Two-Face arrives and sees Renee all dressed up and ready. Two-Face takes her to the Court Room. It is empty and Two-Face tells Renee that they are going to have a trial. Renee doubts that it will be just the two of them and Two-Face tells her to bring in the defendant. Renee walks to the door Two-Face is pointing at and she sees James Gordon handcuffed and beaten. At first, she refuses to play Two-Face's game, but she remembers her parents and then she obeys Two-Face's commands. Two-Face calls their attention and starts a court session with him as the prosecutor and jury; James Gordon as the defendant and Renee Montoya as the first witness.