"Goin' downtown": A trio of street punks threaten an irritated Bane, who in turn, killed two of them and left the girl alive. Bane then disarmed her and told her that she was going to tag along with him whether she liked it or not. Bane and the girl went to the basement of a destroyed building looking for something and he forced the girl to go in front of him in order to let her die in case any trap was triggered. Lucky for the girl, all the traps had been set off by previous intruders. Bane and the girl arrived at the place he was looking for. It was a vault and inside were lots of ammunition. Bane took a gun the size of the girl and he forced the girl to carry the rest of the weapons. Meanwhile, Batman and Robin patrolled Gotham City and closed and illegal business of homemade liqueur. Batman told Robin that he knew that someone was working from outside of the city and was the responsible for weird things happening in Gotham. They decided to wait for that person's next move. Bane and the girl were walking the streets of Gotham when they came across some street gangs. The gangs tried to take the weapons from Bane, but the latter used the extra sized machine gun and obliterated all of them. After killing the gang, Bane dropped some Ace of Spades cards on the bodies. Some time later, some of the Penguin's henchmen told him that there have been several attacks on the streets gangs and in the scenes were found the Ace of Spades card. They thought that Two-Face was the one responsible for the attacks but Penguin told them that someone else might be trying to frame Two-Face for the deeds. At Two-Face's turf, the street gangs had gathered outside of Two-Face's building and started attacking him and his henchmen. Two-Face started fighting fire with fire and was shooting aimless at the gangs. Meanwhile, Batman and Robin received a call from Penguin to meet him at his place. Bane was still roaming the city and he received a call from his boss and updated him on everything happening at the moment. Bane told the girl that he was working for the man but that in the end he would claim the ultimate prize. Batman and Robin arrived at Penguin's place and he told them about the attacks on the street gangs. Penguin also showed them that the pattern that the attacks formed across the Gotham map leaded to the Hall of Records. Batman and Robin were not taking Penguin's word for granted and warned him that he was still another suspect. Then, the duo moved out to check if Penguin's info was true. Two-Face stood his ground against the attacks and the gangs became more violent at Two-Face's taunts. Bane arrived at the Hall of Records and spotted some of Two-Face's people guarding the place. The girl asked Bane what was his plan and he told her that he was going to blow the entire building and turn it to ashes in order to destroy every piece of Gotham's history forever.