A street gang called the Jets were attacking a gas station and his owner. Batgirl arrived in time to beat them and save the gas station for the moment. She stayed a few while with the station owner and he told her about the recent attacks. Batgirl didn't paid attention as she was worried for something else. Earlier, Batman entrusted Batgirl with the task of keeping the station safe and to not let anyone die. They needed the gas station in order to get some fuel for the hospital's generator. At that moment, Batman was at Oracle's Watchtower with Nightwing and Oracle, and he told them that they needed to wait until dawn to go and help Batgirl. Nightwing told him that it was going to be a long and hard night for Batgirl, but Batman had faith in her. It was almost 3:00 am in the morning when Batgirl decided to go out of the station to recongnize the area. She spotted the Jets coming back to the station and this time they were armed with a rocket launcher. It was 4:00 am when she arrived back at the station and realized that the jets were already there, armed and ready to attack. Batgirl attacked them from behind and took them down again. One of the Jets was a black belt in karate and the man fought Batgirl for a while but he was not the right opponent for Batgirl, who beat the guy with ease. While they were fighting, one of the Jets approached the gas station and was about to fill an empty can with gasoline from the station, but when he tried to pour the gasoline, nothing came out of the hose. The station owner told them that there was no gasoline left in the station and enraged, the Jets' leader took the rocket launcher and fired it towards the station. Batgirl saved the station owner and one the Jets' life but the rocket destroyed the station. Batgirl was furious because she felt like she lost everything she stood for and she started beating the thug who fired the rocket. The gas station owner called her and told her to stop beating the man because killing him would only make her lower than her enemy. Batgirl realized that she would only lose her principles by killing the thug. She calmed down but she was still feeling down for having failed on her mission. A few minutes later, Batman arrived at the scene and told Batgirl that she did her job well and congratulated her for following his orders. The gas station owner gave Batgirl the last can of gasoline he had hidden and it was enough to keep the hospital's generator working. Ironically, the injured Jets were taken to the same hospital and things were now a bit different for both Batgirl and Batman.