BATGIRL #5#6#7#8 - DC COMICS (2000)



Batgirl got knocked down and now the three men which she fought earlier want to kill her. Despite her fighting abilities being extremely diminished after a man with psychic powers randomly "fixed" her brain, Batgirl is able to beat the three men again. She grabs the cellphone of one of the criminals and leaves the scene with the intent to find the young man again. Meanwhile, Batman is on his way to Macau using a private jet. He talks to Robin who researched the murder which was shown on the tape potentially involving a young Cassandra Cain. The man named Faizul died as a result of a massive neck trauma while all his other men were shot in the head. According to an eyewitness report David Cain and a little girl left the scene after the incident. After digging up Faizul's body, Batman visits David Cain who apparently had stolen the autopsy report. Cain is laughing about Batman's accusation that he faked the video tape showing the murder of Faizul. Instead he explains that Cassandra never got over her first kill and now is wearing the Batgirl costume because she is still feeling guilty. Batman does not believe him, but when Cain informs him that right now Batgirl is being targeted by several assassins, Batman immediately leaves to return to Gotham City. Batgirl is at the Gotham Clock Tower and desperately tries to communicate with Oracle. Cassandra now is able to understand what Oracle is saying, but she cannot reply. Nonetheless, Oracle fixes the cellphone Batgirl brought along and then she leaves the tower again. She is able to find the man and despite her fighting limitations knocks out the female assassin. Batgirl asks the man to change her brain back to the former state, but he says that this is not possible. Suddenly, Batman shows up and tells them to stay close as hell is about to break lose ...