BATGIRL #41#42#43#44 - DC COMICS (2003)



Batgirl spends a night taking down criminals in Gotham City, but she can't sleep. The news reports that the terrorist she captured in Florida, Black Wind, has escaped from custody. Oracle suggests that Batgirl do something about her insomnia. Batgirl goes on patrol and reads the body language of everyone she sees. Gotham is filled with different kinds of relationships, and they make her feel lonely. She sees a train going to Smallville, and decides to ride it on a whim. Batgirl arrives at the Kent Farm and sneaks in through Superboy's window. Superboy is happy to see her, but confused by how she figured out his secret identity. Batgirl simply says that she is a detective. They are about to kiss when Ma Kent knocks on the door. Batgirl hides under the bed while Superboy gets rid of his mother. Superboy carries Batgirl into the clouds, where he uses telekinesis to make a romantic castle they can walk through. Superboy starts babbling nervously as Batgirl tries to kiss him again. They are interrupted a second time when a plane bursts through the clouds. Superboy takes Batgirl down to the top of a very tall rock, where they try to kiss under the moonlight. They are interrupted by a giant slug monster that crashes to the ground right next to them. Superboy is incredulous at his bad luck. The creature uses Superboy's telekinesis against him, and he can't control his own body. Kitty Faulkner of S.T.A.R. Labs sends him a message that the creature escaped their holding cells. It is a telepath that invades the minds of other psychics, and is constantly swarming with smaller creatures. Batgirl punches the creature in the face, and it goes down quickly. Superboy is amazed, but Batgirl explains that the creature was fragile. It was acting out because it was lonely, and wanted a friend. Batgirl asks Superboy to take her home, as she no longer wishes to have a romantic night. Superboy admits that he was terrified of kissing her. They both agree to be friends, and they share one kiss anyway. Superboy carries Batgirl back to Gotham. He asks her how she actually tracked him down to Smallville. Batgirl reminds him that he mentioned "Smallville" and "Kent Farm" while giving her his phone number. Superboy laments that he cannot get the hang of having a secret identity.