BATGIRL #25#26 - DC COMICS (2002)



Oracle shows Batgirl the recording of her killing Faizul. She knows she intends to duel Lady Shiva, but she refuses to let Batgirl die because she feels guilty about something she was forced to do as a child. Batgirl freezes Oracle with a nerve strike and goes to meet Shiva anyway. They meet on a rooftop where Shiva quickly gains the upper hand and kills Batgirl, only to take her to a second location and revive her. She understands that after seeing the terror Faizul felt in his last moments that Batgirl felt she had to be killed too to atone, but their moment of shared understanding comes to an abrupt halt when Batgirl sees the dead body of the building's owner. Batgirl realizes that Shiva wanted a fight where Batgirl was properly motivated to take her down and unburdened by her death wish because Shiva has a death wish. They fight again. This time, it is a draw, and they fall down onto the ground, too exhausted and injured to go on. Shiva swears she will kill Batgirl, but Batgirl says, "Not tonight."