BATGIRL #20#21#22#23 - DC COMICS (2002)



Batgirl intervenes when a handful of thugs rob a man, Island Jimmy, who is carrying a duffel bag filled with money, but everyone is killed except for Batgirl. Inside the bag, she finds a note. Unable to read it, she brings it to Spoiler, who informs her it is a ransom note. The two head to the meeting place, a train station, where the kidnaped Falco's brother Miguel attempts to explain the missing money. When Miguel is attacked and taken to the kidnappers' hideout, the two split up and follow them using different routes. In the hideout, Falco reveals that he 'kidnapped' himself to get the money since Miguel wouldn't give him more power in their gang. He threatens to kill Miguel now if he doesn't pay double, so Batgirl and Spoiler burst in to take them down. The men all have warrants out for their arrests and are carted off with their weapons, and Spoiler decides to donate the ransom money to a children's hospital. She also offers to teach Batgirl to read in exchange for fighting tips.