A jeep with four of McGog's men scour the desert for any trace of the Faux-Azrael. Their orders were to detain the imposter and bring him back to the base. The intense heat from the Saudi Arabian desert had almost drained the imposter's energy. The soldiers catch up to the imposter and order him to come quietly. The imposter tears through each of McGog's men and from the distance Jeremiah Thompkins observes the imposter's fighting skills. Jeremiah believes the imposter's presence is a sign of his salvation. The imposter blacks out after exhausting himself and Jeremiah brings the imposter to his secluded hut. Jeremiah tends to the imposter's injuries and Jeremiah is astounded by the imposter's remarkable constitution after he had suffered dehydration. Jeremiah asks about the imposter's Azrael costume like what it represents. Jeremiah speculates that the imposter is an agent of good and he has come to the desert to fight evil. Jeremiah asks the imposter to assist him in punishing the reprehensible buyers who want to purchase Jeremiah's stolen medical supplies. The imposter nods that he will help Jeremiah. Jean-Paul Valley calls Leslie Thompkins and Brian at the clinic. Jean-Paul expresses his regret for not being able to help the Faux-Azrael because Jean-Paul knows all too well the trauma that the imposter went through. Leslie inquires if Jean-Paul had come across her brother Jeremiah who is also a doctor and a missionary in Saudi Arabia. Jeremiah had gone to the Middle East last October but she hasn't heard from him since. Leslie asks Jean-Paul if he would be willing to do some detective work and find her brother. Jean-Paul tells Leslie that he is honored to assist her. Jean-Paul then asks Bruce Wayne for any advice on how to get the answers he needs. Jean-Paul heads back to McGog's camp and asks for his assistance in locating Jeremiah. Jean-Paul asks McGog to exercise his respect for him since McGog applauded Jean-Paul as a warrior. Jean-Paul figures that McGog must keep himself constantly well informed on what goes on in his sector and McGog expresses that he is willing to listen. Jean-Paul asks McGog if he has heard of a Dr. Jeremiah Thompkins. McGog says that the name doesn't sound familiar however, he has heard rumors of a doctor who lives about 90 kilometers south of the camp. The doctor is suspected of trafficking stolen medical supplies. Jean-Paul is surprised that McGog has ordered a raid of the doctor's base. McGog proclaims that he isn't a thief but he did write off the doctor's efforts as the acts of a bleeding heart. McGog offers a jeep and one of his men to drive Jean-Paul to the doctor's supposed base. McGog also tells Jean-Paul that some of his men had another run in with the Faux-Azrael back in the desert. McGog's men said that someone must have helped the imposter because when the soldiers came to, they discovered that their jeep had been stolen and the tire tracks were pointing south. McGog suspects that Jean-Paul's doctor may have the imposter in his care. Officer Werley drives Jean-Paul near the the doctor's supposed base but Werley drives over a land mine. The land mine explodes, the jeep flips and both men fall unconscious onto the desert sand.