Simon Williams, aka Wonder Man, has taken leave from the Avengers, having recently been resurrected by the Scarlet Witch, with whom he has forged a strong bond. He gets on a flight to Los Angeles to clear up some personal business, and finds himself sitting next to his old friend, Hank McCoy. He tells Simon that he’s there because Wanda was concerned for him. They discuss their lives to date, with both having a long and complex history. During the flight, several terrorists calling themselves the Popular Front for Slorenian Sovereignty hijack the plane, in order to get the U.N. to grant their nation sovereignty. Wonder Man reacts instinctively, taking out the knifeman, and Beast follows up by taking a gun off the second guy. They learn that there are three more hijackers in coach, so they lure one of them through, and force him to spill the beans on what’s going on. When they try to dupe the others in order to get close to them, their ruse is discovered and the lead hijacker throws some plastic explosive at Wonder Man. Fortunately, his ionic body absorbs pretty much all the blast, and he knocks the guy out with one finger. Acclaimed as heroes, a large crowd awaits them in Los Angeles, including reporters, who Wonder Man has no interest in speaking to. This isn’t why he’s in town. He grabs Hank and his former agent, Neal Saroyan, and whisks them away. As they fly across the city, they are spotted by old friends and old enemies alike, including Lotus, who still wants her revenge on Wonder Man.