ALIAS #6#7#8#9 - MARVEL COMICS (2002)



Jessica meets with Carol Danvers for lunch, and the two reminisce about their time with the Avengers before discussing Jessica's love life. Carol advises Jessica against dating Luke Cage, who she calls a "cape-chaser," and instead offers to set Jessica up with Scott Lang, who Jessica claims is "not even the real Ant-Man." Their lunch is interrupted when Carol receives a page and leaves in a rush to "go assemble." That afternoon, Jessica engages a man on the Internet in a sexual conversation while pretending to be a gay man, having been hired by a woman who believed that her husband had "gay tendencies" and had been crusing Internet chat rooms looking to set up sexual encounters with men. Jessica logs off and writes a case note before heading to the bathroom, but while she washes her hands, she hears a strange man answer for phone for her in the office. Though he claims to be "a big fan" who looked her up in the Yellow Pages and stopped by to meet her, she orders him out of the office. Soon after, a woman visits the office and introduces herself as Jane Jones. She claims that she and Jessica are related because Jane is married to Jessica's cousin, Rick Jones. Jane breaks down sobbing, claiming that Rick has "been missing for weeks."