Batman tells Oracle to call all his allies together while he goes to see James Gordon, who tells him to leave and punches him. Before leaving, Batman tells Gordon that Two-Face is not the best person to trust as an ally. Gordon replies that he can't trust Batman either but Batman is gone already. Back at Oracle's, the new girl, Azrael, Robin and Nightwing have assembled. After introductions are made, Batman shows up and asks Nightwing to come with him and for the others to wait at Oracle's place. Batgirl is kneeling atop the roof of a building, praying and after, she climbs down the building and enters an apartment through the window. She takes off her mask, revealing that she is Helena Bertinelli. Batman and Nightwing step out of the shadows and catch her by surprise. Batman tells Huntress that if she wants to work with him, she has to learn to follow orders - something she has had trouble doing in the past. She tells him that she will not blindly follow his orders and Batman tells her to stay out of the way. She responds that she can't do that either. Batman and Nightwing leave and return to Oracle's, where Batman establishes a plan of attack and assigns them all certain tasks. He also gives the new girl a Batgirl costume just like the one Helena was using. After she changes, the five heroes leave Oracle's place and go off to work.